BOAT welding & repairs

Whether it is replacing anodes, repairing engine mounts or re-plating sections or entire hulls we can do it! 

With extensive welding and marine repairs experience we are happy to discuss your repair requirements, and provide an estimate of costs involved.

Often, we can do any boat welding or boat repair work required, as highlighted in a survey, whilst the boat is still out of the water, saving you extra cranage costs!

At Wilkinson Marine Surveys, I pride myself in my can-do attitude and problem-solving abilities. I have a passion for engineering and endeavor to meet any of your welding or repair requirements, however big or small.

Paul Wilkinson, Marine Surveyor BS4872/1

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Pre-purchase Survey -

Purchasing a boat can be an expensive venture, therefore it is essential for 

prospective purchasers to ensure they are protecting their investment by arming themselves with as much knowledge about the vessel as possible by employing the expertise of boat surveyors. 

Our pre-purchase surveys are in-depth and will give you peace of mind when making that final step towards a purchase.


Insurance Damage Survey -

This is an assessment of damage following a collision or boating incident. We will assess the specific area of damage and any knock-on affect the damage has caused, including likely repairs necessary and an estimate of the costs. 


BOAT surveys

Hull Thickness Readings - 

Hull thickness readings can be useful to those who want to establish the general thickness of their hull, perhaps to plan repair work, discover the extent of pitting, re-plating requirements etc.

Hull Survey -

​It is often an insurance requirement, particularly for older boats, to have a boat survey produced to confirm the integrity of the hull. This type of survey is limited to all accessible areas of the hull. It will also include an assessment of external components of the rudder and stern gear, and through hull fittings and any likely future maintenance requirements.

Full Condition Survey  -

This is a detailed survey of the entire vessel. An in-depth report will be produced detailing the findings, including photographs where necessary, and a summary highlighting main points and recommendations in an easy-to-read format.

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boat Surveys

We offer a range of  boat surveys for small craft including pre-purchase surveys, insurance surveys, valuations, limited hull surveys, full condition reports and hull thickness testing. After a thorough examination of the vessel a comprehensive, professional report will be produced. The report will consist of the basic details of the vessel, hull thickness readings obtained by using a multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauge and clear explanations of what has been seen using plain English. Photographs are also used to illustrate points where necessary. A summary of findings will be provided detailing what recommendations are being made and these will be categorised according to severity/urgency of correction, if necessary. The length of the report will vary depending on the type of boat survey required. I am always happy to discuss any aspects of the survey findings.